Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Christmas Shopping 

Well I've just about gotten all my shopping done. Mom , Dad, my two brothers... Who by the way are positively monstrous children LOL, Mandy, Ashley and my dear Sara. I haven't gotten anything yet for Mindy!

I thought about getting her some sexy undies and telling her I would love to see her in it. Something from Victoria Secret. That would do it! A three piece set. And since Mindy is a different size than me the shop girls will know it's for another girl and I'm gay! Another aspect of coming out! Oh hell, I just may say that I'm buying it for my girlfriend!

I bought a deluxe pool cue case for Mandy. She's had her eyes on this one for ages. She's turning me into a nine ball fanatic! I love playing pool and under her tutelage( hmmmm..I'd love to be under her right now!) I'm becoming a pretty good pool player myself.

I got Ashley a DVD burner for her computer that she wanted! I also got her a MAC Cosmetics makeup case with three brushes and eye and lip make up. We're exchanging gifts tonight because she's leaving for home tomorrow! I'm going to miss her !

Mandy is coming over on Christmas Eve and Mindy is coming over Christmas Day. Yeek... I just remembered I can't give Mindy sexy under wear in front of my parents. I'll have to give it to her in secret! Got to get her something else. She loves MAC MV3 Creation fragrance. I'll get that for her as my in front of parents gift!
  • Monday, December 22, 2003

    Working My Ass Off! 

    Sorry I haven't been able to update recently. I have been working a lot of hours at my new job, plus with school and three girlfriends I just haven't had the time to do it!

    I've been on two more dates with Mindy and we are getting on quite well together. I haven't seen Ashley in a while because of our work and school schedules. I miss her! And Mandy has been her crazy self but we haven't gone out together recently.

    This Christmas shopping season is crazy. People are crazy!!! But I'm learning the bookseller business from the ground up. Mary, My boss is teaching me everything about the business.

    Got to go to work! Did anyone miss me! ***POUTS***
  • Wednesday, December 10, 2003

    My Weekend Dates with Mandy, Mindy and Ashley 

    Having a full dating schedule and a new job has kepted me quite busy and unable to tell everything that has happened last week.

    So what happened Kelly on your dates you say. Well, I made out with three different girls on three consecutive nights. Not sex, but kissing and very heavy petting. All three girls and I were quite aggressive in our dry fucking! When I was with each girl I felt like I couldn't or wouldn't want to be with anyone else. Then the next night the same feeling. Am I bad to feel this way. Should I feel guilty about all of this? I don't know.

    And each experience was different. With Mandy it was our bodies entwined in a frenzied grinding into eachother. With Mindy it was delicious kissing and her hands up my sweater fondling my breasts and my hand sliding up her leg into her jeans covered mound. Dry fucking couldn't be any better than this I thought. With Ashley it was an all over body massage that left me delirious and ended with her fingers fucking my ass through my jeans!

    Besides all this there was a pool tournament, shopping with Mindy and a movie party that left me feeling all grown up and my birthday party with all three of my girls behaving themselves.

    So there you have it! It was a wonderful weekend and I hope I have more of them!
  • Celebrity...Britney 


    Britney Spears can't stop the questions about her sexual orientation. Came up again on her Korean tour. Me thinks she protests too much!

    Come on Brit you know you love to kiss girls! Kiss Me!!!!
  • Monday, December 08, 2003

    I start my new job today ! 

    I start my new job at the book store today. I go in for six hours to train. I'm excited!
  • Coming Out to My Parents... 

    I finally came out to my parents. They were already ahead of the curve and knew that I was Bi or Gay. No interest in guys or dating them, new friends picking me up to go out and my gorgeous women screen saver did me in. Kids watch what you put on your screen saver!

    They accepted it and were waiting for me to come out to them! I have cool parents who love me and want the best for me. They want to meet my girlfriends and get to know them which is really neat.

    Sometimes I feel guilty with the way this is turning out. When so many others are having a hard time with friends and family when they come out, I've had a easy time of it. I've lost a very close friend and two other friends. The rest have accepted me as I am.
    I feel so fortunate!
  • Wednesday, December 03, 2003

    Ashley, Mandy, Mindy 

    Well I got three dates this week. On Thursday I'm going with Mandy to a Pool tournament to cheer her on. Then Friday night I have my first date with Mindy. Although we have been friends for years and have hung out, this will be our first date date. Then on Saturday night I'm going on a date with Ashley. She's taking me to the monthly film screening party. I've joined that group and one day will host the screening at my house.

    I still have Sunday open...lol
  • Tuesday, December 02, 2003

    I Got A Job! 

    I'm going to work at a local Bookstore ... with a coffee shop of course... making $6.50 an hour, half price on all coffee shop items, and books at cost!

    I was sitting there in the coffee shop reading a book and she came up to me and asked me if I wanted a job. I said hell ya! I told her I was about to turn 16. She said that I could start on Dec. 8th. She told me that she was having trouble with young people showing up to work, but noticed that I spent alot of time there. So she offered me the position.

    She's losing a great customer but gaining a wonderful employee!

  • Saturday with the Girls 

    I went out with the girls on Saturday afternoon. Sara, Hannah and Mindy. Mindy kept insisting that the two of us should go out together that night. I told her that I had a double date with Ashley and I just couldn't. But she was persistent! At Every opportunity she brought it up or did something.

    At the mall she was trying on Dresses at Gadzooks. She asked me to go fetch a larger size. When I got back and opened the dressing room door she was stark raving naked except for a pair of socks. I let out a scream! She goes "This is what your missing tonight!" with a sheepish grin on her face. I have to say she's sexy and beautiful. Not in the skinny model type but the more rounded type back in the fifties like Sofia Loren!

    I ran out and told Sara about it . She laughed and said "For God's sakes Kelly just go out with her or we're have to go through this all day!"

    So I'm going out with her on Friday night! Now I'm up to dating three girls! My head is spinning!!!
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